Where are we watching?

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Fathimath Afiya
Maldives Maldivian Network to Empowerment Women (MNEW)
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Gunes Tavmen
Turkey author
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Arun M
India Space kerala
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Lorena Merino
Spain Pangea
The GISWatch Project provides very useful insights into today's information society through the lens of different country experiences. A reader is allowed to properly gauge the ongoing interaction between technology and human rights, and its impact on people's day-to-day lives.
- Jamael Jacob, Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines- GISWatch author
The project is very valuable and provides fantastic insight to the subjects as it tries to get first hand information from the writers from/within the countries in question. I think this way it creates an alternative resource to those that are prepared by Western institutions by going to these countries for few weeks only. Therefore GISWatch provides a much more authentic information.
- Gunes Tavmen, Hun Consulting, Turkey - GISWatch author