Where are we watching?

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Gus Hosein
United Kingdom Privacy International
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Dieter Zinnbauer
Germany Transparency International
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Frederic Sultan
France VECAM
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Rozi Bakó
Romania StrawberryNet / Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania
The project is very important because it provides valuable insight in many topics and helps activists and other members of the Internet community see different challenges in various countries.
- Bojan Perkov, SHARE Foundation, Serbia - GISWatch author
I think the project is amazing. For me it was important because it's a great opportunity to share information about a grassroot project globally. International character of reports make GISWatch unique: I don't know if there are any other opportunities to gather diverse experiences and specialists from different spheres.
- Daria Manshina, SYSMU, Russia- GISWatch author