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An author of GISW Report 2011 for Pakistan.

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Nighat Dad is a lawyer by training with extensive experience in criminal, civil and corporate law matters. Her current role is as a lead Researcher at Bytes for All. She has a twin focus on addressing Internet Governance issues and articulating civil society’s concerns over government policies that hamper citizens’ use of ICT.

She is committed to promoting the role of ICT as a powerful enabler of human and civil rights, particularly concerning women’s rights and the increasing tendency of governments to try to constrain and filter internet use in Pakistan and elsewhere. She has also acted as legal advisor to various corporate entities and civil society organizations in Pakistan.

Nighat Dad has a special research interest in issues concerning Protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), and recently acquired a certification from US State Department.

Nighat’s professional strengths lie in her ability to combine a keen understanding of IT with a sound background in law and public policy. She also has excellent interpersonal skills, developed through her civil rights outreach work, particularly with victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

Nighat understands how the solution to social issues must be found through a combination of the right legal framework and practical empowerment of the individual. Her work on the use of Digital Story Telling to empower minority groups is an excellent example of this combination of practical, social and technical skills.