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Centre for Internet and Human Rights, European University Viadrina



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Mathana Stender is a Berlin-based tech ethicist, rights advocate and storyteller who investigates the impact of emerging technologies on individuals, communities and culture. Their multidisciplinary research brings together art, anthropology, philosophy and socio-economic analysis. Mathana undertakes research for transparency initiatives that track global biometric surveillance, drafts ethical frameworks around the emerging VR technological ecosystem, contributes technical expertise to international disarmament initiatives,.and seeks to create long-term solutions to data agency with the preservation-focused digital archivist organization OpenArchive <>. They are also a member of working groups at the IEEE's Global Initiative for Ethical AI and Autonomous Systems where they co-author technical standards around algorithmic bias <> and personal AI assistants <>, Mathana is a fellow at the Centre for Internet and Human Rights at the European University Viadrina, and holds an MA in Global Communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a BA in international relations and law from the University of Texas at Dallas.