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Dr Monique Mann is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and member of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation at Deakin University. Dr Mann is an Adjunct Researcher with the Law, Science, Technology and Society Research Centre at Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Mann's research expertise concerns three main interrelated lines of inquiry: (1) new technology for policing and surveillance, (2) human rights and social justice, and (3) governance and regulation. She is author of ‘Politicising and Policing Organised Crime‘ (Routledge, 2020), ‘Biometrics, Crime and Security‘ (Routledge, 2018), and editor of ‘Good Data‘ (Institute of Network Cultures, 2019). Mann has contributed to advancing Australia’s national research agenda through her activities not only as an academic and author, but also as an advocate, media commentator, and expert policy advisor. She is Vice Chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation and Vice President of
Liberty Victoria.