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Mr. Plamen Peev holds his Master of Laws degree from the Sofia University, Bulgaria. He obtained his PhD in environmental sciences and policy at the Central European University in 2011. For the last 20 years Mr. Peev has been working as an environmental law and policy expert at local, national and international levels. He has been engaged in Bulgaria in law-drafting, transposition and implementation of EU environmental law, in capacity-building of various stakeholders (e.g. municipal, regional authorities, NGOs), as well as in research projects. He has worked as a legal expert and coordinator for Bulgaria for the EU LIFE + project of Justice and Environment network with a focus on access to justice and environmental assessments. Mr. Peev co-authored publications for the UNECE like the Manual on Strategic Environmental Assessment for Trainers on the topic of public participation. On international level, Mr. Peev drafted country reviews on implementation and enforcement procedures in Bulgaria and Western Balkans. Most recently he has worked on analysis of the implementation of EU Environmental Directives in EU Member States, Candidate countries and the EU Eastern Partnership countries and as legal expert for BlueLink on implementation of the EU climate policies in Bulgaria and on transparency and accountability of Bulgarian municipalities in public finances.