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Internet Governance from the Edges – NRIs in their own Words Questionnaire



Welcome! APC has taken initiative to compile two editions of Global Information Society Watch focused on National and Regional IGFs (NRIs). While one will consist of independent and analytical perspectives on the role of NRIs in internet governance, this questionnaire is linked to the second volume, which intends to give voice and visibility to the stories of each NRI, to present their undertakings and to advance their perspectives on internet governance. This short questionnaire includes an initial gathering of contact information to facilitate communication and coordination amongst NRIs, as well as three sections of open-ended questions, intended to gather NRI organisers' perspectives.   For any information or question, please contact

NRI Contacts Directory

This information is aimed at building a directory of NRI websites and contacts to facilitate communication and coordination amongst NRIs.

Name of your NRI:

Corresponding region or nation:

NRI website URL:

NRI founding stories and development

This section is dedicated to the founding and development stories of each NRI.

What is the story of the founding of your NRI? What were its inspiration, its objectives?

How did it develop and what difficulties did you experience along the way?

How do you imagine your NRI and its activities in the future?

NRI internal governance and initiatives

This section is dedicated to the internal functioning of the NRIs, their governance, their initiatives and topics of interest.

Who are the people involved in your NRI and how do they contribute to it?

Have you experienced difficulties in ensuring all stakeholder groups participate fully and more or less equally?

Do you measure gender balance in your NRI? Did you undertake measures to encourage gender balance?

How was your last forum organised, what were the topics chosen and the outcomes of discussion? How was it financed?

Are there controversial topics that have been difficult in your NRI and if so, why?

Perspectives on the role of NRIs in internet governance

This section is dedicated to the perspective of each NRI on their role in internet governance and its evolution.

What is your take about the role of your NRIs in internet governance processes, at the level of your country, region and globally?

How do you perceive your role and position towards other NRIs, the IGF and the IGF Secretariat?

Thank you very much for sharing your perspective with us! For further enquiries and information, contact