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Sunil is the executive director of the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), Bangalore. CIS is a 5 year old policy and academic research organisation that focuses on accessibility for the disabled, intellectual property rights policy reform, openness [Free/Open Source Software, Open Standards, Open Content, Open Access and Open Educational Resources], internet governance, telecom, digital natives and digital humanities.

He is also the founder of Mahiti, a social enterprise aiming to reduce the cost and complexity of information and communication technology for the voluntary sector by using free software. He is an Ashoka fellow. For three years, Sunil also managed the International Open Source Network, a project of United Nations Development Programme's Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme, serving 42 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Sunil currently serves on the advisory boards of Open Society Foundations - Information Programme, Mahiti, Samvada and International Centre for Free/Open Source Software.