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Colombian feminist woman, Social Communicator, Specialist in Childhood, Culture and Development and Master in Education for Peace.

With more than 20 years of experience in design, coordination and implementation of social projects in the areas of childhood and family, community development, gender and social use of
information and communication technologies (ICT) in priority populations.

Coordinator of ICT Appropriation projects in Colnodo since 2010, member of the team of the Dominemos la Tecnología Campaign and the Digital Safety School.

Linked to various spaces that promote the defense of women's rights such as the Colectivo de Pensamiento y Acción Mujeres Paz y Seguridad, the Mesa de Seguimiento a la Ley 1257, por una vida
libre de violencias hacia las mujeres and the Escuela de Liderazgo por el Derecho de las Mujeres a la Ciudad y el Territorio.