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Frédéric Sultan is involved as volunteer in the activities of VECAM, a French non for profit organisation, dealing with the impact of ICT (information and communication technology) on people and society.

Frédéric Sultan is the editor of the blog of the Manifesto Reclaim the Commons ( As practitioner, he is interested in the issue of cooperation for social change and the uses of ICT. He has been working in international initiatives and projects such as "Fragments du monde", "i-jumelages" and he was the coordinator for the first World Forum Science and Democracy in 2009.

Frédéric Sultan is also member of AITEC a network of professionals, researchers and citizens involved in the social movement.

And Frédéric Sultan is the founder of GAZIBO, a cooperative company created in 2008 to provides services of consultancy, training and animation for the improvement of capacities of social actors to use digital tools. GAZIBO also offers services of technical maintenance of ICT tools.