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Global Information Society Watch 2021-2022
Digital futures for a post-pandemic world

Operational team
Valeria Betancourt (APC)
Alan Finlay (APC)
Maja Romano (APC)

Project coordination team
Valeria Betancourt (APC)
Cathy Chen (APC)
Flavia Fascendini (APC)
Alan Finlay (APC)
Leila Nachawati (APC)
Lori Nordstrom (APC)
Maja Romano (APC) 

Project coordinator
Maja Romano (APC)

Alan Finlay (APC)

Assistant editor & Proofreading
Lori Nordstrom (APC)

Assistant proofreader
Drew McKevitt

Publication production support
Cathy Chen (APC)

Graphic design


Cover illustration
Matías Bervejillo

APC would like to thank the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) for their support for Global Information Society Watch 2021-2022.

Published by APC


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
Some rights reserved.

Global Information Society Watch 20121-2022 – print
ISBN 978-92-95113-53-4
APC Serial: APC-202211-CIPP-R-EN-P-343

Global Information Society Watch 2021-2022 web and e-book
ISBN 978-92-95113-52-7
APC Serial: APC-202211-CIPP-R-EN-DIGITAL-342

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