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Débora Prado is a journalist, activist and researcher from Brazil, who is caring on a research on feminist autonomous infrastructures and community digital networks and who is specially engaged with the women’s rights agenda and the digital and communication rights field.

In 2017, she initiated an academic research project in order to obtain a master degree at Unicamp University, which is entitled Women's engagement in local networks: a study on feminist infrastructure and political action in autonomous and community networks. She also became a member of Latin American Network of Surveillance, Technology and Society Studies (Lavits) and a collaborator of Vedetas, a feminist server established to support feminist groups in their online activities, to increase women’s security and autonomy and to build feminist technologies.

Currently, she is coordinator of communication in ARTICLE 19’s office in Brazil, a human rights organization that acts on the defense and promotion of freedom of expression and information. During the past five years, she worked at Patricia Galvao Institute – a Brazilian feminist civil society organization – working with mobilization and communication projects to promote women’s rights and cultural change in Brazil, especially to fight violence against women.