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Dr Saahier Parker is a Senior Research Manager at the Research Use & Impact Assessment research unit of the HSRC. He holds an MA in Research Psychology and a BA (Hons) in Clinical Psychology, both from the University of the Western Cape, and a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree from the
University of Cape Town, having majored in Psychology, Anthropology and Gender Studies. Dr Parker completed a PhD in Science and Technology studies at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. His research developed 6 new indicators for the measurement of the public understanding of science in South Africa. He has been working in the area of knowledge economy indicators since 2006, most notably as part of the team that produces the annual South African National Research and Development Survey. Having more than a decade experience at running large national surveys, Saahier maintains a dedicated focus on Science communication, leveraging science for social and economic development, innovation for inclusive development, Science and
Society as well as furthering the public understanding of science. Special interests include the use of information technology to improve and create more
efficient social and civic environments, youth engagement in STEM careers as well as developing measurement metrics in developing economy contexts.