The "watchers" are authors and activists who are working together to create more egalitarian information societies. Many have contributed reports to the Global Information Society Watch books. Want to become a watcher? Contact Us.

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Anonymous (Indonesia)
Ali.Abdulemam's picture
Ali Abdulemam
Bahrain Centre for Human Right and...
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Afef Abourgui
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Sunil Abraham
Centre for Internet and Society,...
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Pablo Accuosto
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Harriet Adong
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Barnabé Affougnon
cafonso's picture
Carlos Afonso
Rede de Informações para o Terceiro...
caguerre's picture
Carolina Aguerre
Centre for Technology and Society (...
sahmad's picture
Shahzad Ahmad
Bytes for All
iaizu's picture
Izumi Aizu
Institute for InfoSocionomics, Tama...
aakagic's picture
Amila Akagic
Oneworld – platform for south east...
rakhter's picture
Razina Akhter
Bytes for All Bangladesh
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Ben Akoh
Open Society Initiative for West Africa...
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Alaa Aldin Jawad... Al-Radhi
walid-al-saqaf's picture
Walid Al-Saqaf
aalegre's picture
Alan G. Alegre
Foundation for Media Alternatives
mali's picture
Mukhtar Ahmad Ali
Bytes For All
veridiana's picture
Veridiana Alimonti
Idec (Brazilian Institute for Consumer...
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Henrik Almström
evinbaris's picture
Evin Barış Altıntaş
Correspondent at Today’s Zaman
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Alexander Amézquita Ochoa
gamuriat's picture
Goretti Amuriat
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
pavelan's picture
Pavel Antonov
carmstrong's picture
Chris Armstrong
African Copyright and Access to...
sarunachalam's picture
Subbiah Arunachalam
Centre for Internet and Society,...
aatoev's picture
Asomudin Atoev
Internet Service Providers Association...
dbabic's picture
Danijela Babic
abagula's picture
Antoine Bagula
Alternatives; University of Cape Town
rick's picture
Rick Bahague
Computer Professionals' Union (CPU)
sbahour's picture
Sam Bahour
Applied Information Management (AIM)
fbajwa's picture
Fouad Bajwa
Bytes for All
brozi's picture
Rozi Bakó
StrawberryNet / Sapientia Hungarian...
Bidi Bala's picture
Bidi Bala
sbaldizan's picture
Sofía Baldizan
ObservaTIC (Faculty of Social Sciences...
ariel's picture
Ariel Barbosa
dbarnard's picture
David Barnard
TechSoup Global
abeklemishev's picture
Andrew Beklemishev
ICT Consultant
jochai's picture
Jochai Ben-Avie
abendavid's picture
Anat Ben-David
University of Amsterdam
sandrab's picture
Sandra Benitez
Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes (...
vbetancourt's picture
Valeria Betancourt
Association for Progressive...
ebikobo's picture
Emmanuel Bikobo
Karim_Bitar's picture
Karim Bitar
mbokova's picture
Milena Bokova
BlueLink Information Network
pborcena's picture
Patricia Borcena
Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA)
jbossio's picture
Jorge Bossio
Universidad Peruana de Ciencias...
jfbossio's picture
Juan Fernando Bossio
Red Científica Peruana and Pontificia...
mboudreaux's picture
Michael Boudreaux
BlueLink Information Network
hboujemi's picture
Hanane Boujemi
abregaglio's picture
Arturo Bregaglio
Radio Viva
abrown's picture
Allison Brown
Mona School
Gul_Bukhari's picture
Gul Bukhari
Bytes for All Pakistan
ncaccamo's picture
Nathalie Caccamo
kcamacho's picture
Kemly Camacho
Cooperativa Sulá Batsú
Mariale Campos's picture
Maria Alejandra Campos
hcarrion's picture
Hugo Carrión
jcasasbuenas's picture
Julián Casasbuenas G.
Alex.Castleton's picture
Alexander Castleton
acerda's picture
Alberto Cerda
ONG Derechos Digitales/Digital Rights...
lilianchamorro's picture
Lilian Chamorro Rojas
lchan's picture
Leslie Chan
University of Toronto
della's picture
Yeo-Kyung Chang
Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
mchartrand's picture
Monique Chartrand
achekol's picture
Abebe Chekol
Ethiopian Free & Open Source...
jchua's picture
John Chua
Richmond University in London
wallace's picture
Alex Comninos
Justus-Liebig University Giessen
Stephane.Couture's picture
Stéphane Couture
McGill University
gcraveiro's picture
Gisele Craveiro
Alexandra Crosby's picture
Alexandra Crosby
University of Technology, Sydney
anna.crowe's picture
Anna Crowe
Privacy International
wcurrie's picture
Willie Currie
Association for Progressive...
mdachesky's picture
Melina Dachesky
Nodo TAU
Nighat Dad's picture
Nighat Dad
Bytes for All.
jdada's picture
John Dada
Fantsuam Foundation
bididi68's picture
Bala Dada
Fantsuam Foundation
sdaho's picture
Serge Daho
rdammak's picture
Rafik Dammak
Not affiliated
jdas's picture
Jaba Das
Digital Empowerment Foundation
tdavies's picture
Tim Davies
Web Foundation / Practical...
jdebeer's picture
Jeremy de Beer
jdehaan's picture
Jos de Haan
The Netherlands Institute for Social...
IndradLanerolle's picture
Indra de Lanerolle
University of Witwatersrand
sdemunck's picture
Silvain de Munck
TNO Delft
kdeclerck's picture
Kate Declerck
JMI Foundation and Fair Play
mdeenwwarray's picture
Mariama Deen-Swarray
Research ICT Africa
rdeibert's picture
Ron Deibert
Citizen Lab
ldenardis's picture
Laura DeNardis
Yale Information Society Project
adicorinto's picture
Arturo di Corinto
Ababacar.Diop's picture
Ababacar Diop
arianit's picture
Arianit Dobroshi
edraper's picture
Emma Draper
Privacy International
jdruker's picture
Jeremy Druker
Transitions Online
frederic's picture
Frederic Du Bois
jane's picture
Jane Duncan
University of Johannesburg
hdunn's picture
Hopeton S. Dunn
Caribbean Programme in...
ldunn's picture
Leith Dunn
Institute for Gender and Development...
begede-nissen's picture
Bjornar Egede-Nissen
International Institute for Sustainable...
aelsharif's picture
Ahmad El Sharif
Liemia's picture
Liemia El-Abubkr
mescobar's picture
María Victoria Escobar
Nodo TAU
sescuder's picture
Santiago Escuder
ObservaTIC (Faculty of Social Sciences...
lesqueisaro's picture
Luca Esqueisaro
aesterhuysen's picture
Anriette Esterhuysen
Association for Progressive...
reuripidou's picture
Rico Euripidou
cfall's picture
Coura Fall
APC West and Central Africa ICT4D...
ffascendini's picture
Flavia Fascendini
Nodo TAU
rfatani's picture
Rafid Fatani
Saudi Arabian Strategic Internet...
cfernandez's picture
Carolina Fernández
Nodo TAU
annafernandez's picture
Anna Fernandez
afinlay's picture
Alan Finlay
Open Research
shawna's picture
Shawna Finnegan
hford's picture
Heather Ford
Geeks in Action
dfranquesa's picture
David Franquesa
Tecnologia per a Tothom
rgagliano's picture
Roque Gagliano
Latin American and Caribbean Internet...
rgarib's picture
Rabia Garib
Bytes for All
agarton's picture
Andrew Garton
House of Secession
Dejan Georgievski's picture
Dejan Georgievski
grace's picture
Grace Githaiga
Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
lgjerstad's picture
Lina Gjerstad
mgoni's picture
María Goñi
ObservaTIC, Universidad de la República
egray's picture
Eve Gray
The OpeningScholarship Project, Centre...
alex's picture
Alexandra Groome
Association for Progressive...
rgross's picture
Robin Gross
IP Justice
aguasch's picture
Assumpció Guasch
agurumurthy's picture
Anita Gurumurthy
IT for Change
Fabiola_Gutierrez's picture
Fabiola Gutiérrez
ehabumuremyi's picture
Emmanuel Habumuremyi
Independent Writer
shamilton's picture
Stuart Hamilton
International Federation of Library...
shankey's picture
Stephanie Hankey
Tactical Tech
mhasan's picture
Munir Hasan
Bytes for All
rhasan's picture
Ragib Hasan
Bangladesh Open Source Network (BdOSN)
lhassanin's picture
Leila Hassanin
Dixie Hawtin's picture
Dixie Hawtin
Global Partners & Associates
rheeks's picture
Richard Heeks
Centre for Development Informatics,...
elonnai's picture
Elonnai Hickok
Centre for Internet and Society
mhilyard's picture
Maureen Hilyard
Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s...
ahintz's picture
Arne Hintz
Cardiff University
jhoffmann's picture
Julia Hoffmann
University of Amsterdam
jhofmann's picture
Jeanette Hofmann
dhollander's picture
Don Hollander
2020 Communications Trust
ghosein's picture
Gus Hosein
Privacy International
lhoussou's picture
Laurence Houssou
ehuizing's picture
Edwin Huizing
husovec's picture
Martin Husovec
European Information Society Institute...
Furhan_Hussain's picture
Furhan Hussain
Bytes for All, Pakistan
pibodova's picture
Parvina Ibodova
Civil Internet Policy Initiative (CIPI)
eiriarte's picture
Erick Iriarte
ejabouin's picture
Emilie Jabouin
ajagun's picture
Abiodun Jagun
Department of Management Science,...
njahja's picture
Nieke Jahja
fjansen's picture
Fieke Jansen
mjensen's picture
Mike Jensen
hjensen's picture
Heike Jensen
mjeong's picture
Min Kyung Jeong
Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
cjere's picture
Caesar Jere
Panos Southern Africa
gjewel's picture
Golam Nabi Jewel
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and...
Grady's picture
Grady Johnson
Open Technology Institute, New America
rkahn's picture
Rebecca Kahn
The OpeningScholarship Project, Centre...
demba's picture
Demba Kandeh
Cleopatra's picture
Cleopatra Kanyunyuzi
Women of Uganda Network
Victor_Kapiyo's picture
Victor Kapiyo
Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
gkaplun's picture
Gabriel Kaplún
Universidad de la República
akashumov's picture
Alexander Kashumov
BlueLink Information Network, Access to...
gkasinathan's picture
Gurumurthy Kasinathan
IT for Change
jac's picture
Jac sm Kee
Association for Progressive...
wkersten's picture
Wouter Kersten
okim's picture
Oksana Kim
Civil Initiative on Internet Policy
jkim's picture
Jisung Kim
Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
mallory's picture
Mallory Knodel
kkoubaa's picture
Khaled Koubaa
Arab World Internet Institute
skrishnaswamy's picture
Sudhir Krishnaswamy
IT for Change
Djordje's picture
Djordje Krivokapic
Share Foundation / University of...
tkummetha's picture
Thaweeporn Kummetha
Thai Netizen Network
mlaabidi's picture
Mondher Laabidi
Arab World Internet Institute
Monserrat-Osorio's picture
Monserrat Laguna Osorio
mlambert's picture
Michel Lambert
DMTIC (Dynamique Multisectorielle pour...
plange's picture
Peter Lange
Intelligent Networx
elapierrefortin's picture
Emanuele Lapierre-Fortin
University of Toronto
JC's picture
J. Carlos Lara
ONG Derechos Digitales
Cedric's picture
Cédric Laurant
mlawhon's picture
Mary Lawhon
wlawlor's picture
Mary Lawlor
Front Line Defenders
clewis's picture
Charley Lewis
LINK Centre, University of the...
Joy Liddicoat's picture
Joy Liddicoat
Association for Progressive...
hlocket's picture
Hudson Lockett
Danwei and Media Monitor for Women...
alopez's picture
Alfredo López
jlosey's picture
James Losey
Open Technology Institute
wludwig's picture
Wolf Ludwig
dlujambio's picture
Danilo Lujambio
Nodo TAU
lubomir's picture
Lubomir Lukic
European Information Society Institute...
dmaclean's picture
Don MacLean
International Institute for Sustainable...
mmahmud's picture
Monjur Mahmud
amahmutovic's picture
Aida Mahmutovic
OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe...
jmalcolm's picture
Jeremy Malcolm
Consumers International
tmambetalieva's picture
Tattu Mambetalieva
Civil Initiative on Internet Policy
omanzar's picture
Osama Manzar
Digital Empowerment Foundation
omarino's picture
Olinca Marino
lmarishane's picture
Lebogang Marishane
nmarres's picture
Noortje Marres
Amsterdam Digital Methods Group
gmastrini's picture
Guillermo Mastrini
Centre for Technology and Society (...
gmazzone's picture
Giacomo Mazzone
European Broadcasting Union
Winnie_Mbabazi's picture
Winnie Mbabazi
Women of Uganda Network
rmbengou's picture
Roméo Mbengou
AZUR Développement
lmcdevittpugh's picture
Lin McDevitt-Pugh
lmelandri's picture
Lea Melandri
lmerino's picture
Lorena Merino
mmfoutou's picture
Marc Foukou Mfoutou
AZUR Développement
smilan's picture
Stefania Milan
The Citizen Lab, University of Toronto
drew's picture
Drew Mitnick
nmoawad's picture
Nadine Moawad
mobbsey's picture
Paul Mobbs
Mobbs' Environmental Investigations
hmodirain's picture
Hojatollah Modirain
Arseh Sevom
mmonteiro's picture
Manuela Monteiro
Humanist Institute for Cooperation with...
jmoolman's picture
Jan Moolman
Maria.Gonzalez's picture
María Julia Morales González
lmoya's picture
Laura Moya
Nodo TAU
mmoyo's picture
Mpho Moyo
Research ICT Africa
smunck's picture
Silvain Munck
Learning Initiatives on Reforms for...
amunyua's picture
Alice W. Munyua
Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
Mishari.Muqbil's picture
Mishari Muqbil
Thai Netizen Network
mmureithi's picture
Muriuki Mureithi
Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
lnalwoga's picture
Lillian Nalwoga
lnavarro's picture
Leandro Navarro
Pangea (Comunicació per a la Cooperació...
cnexa's picture
Centro Nexa
Berna Ngolobe's picture
Berna Ngolobe
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
jnguo's picture
James Nguo
Nhlanhla's picture
Nhlanhla Ngwenya
sniombo's picture
Sylvie Niombo
AZUR Développement
amisakabu's picture
Alphonse Ntita Misakabu
DMTIC (Dynamique Multisectorielle pour...
anurmakov's picture
Adil Nurmakov
nnenna's picture
Nnenna Nwakanma
Carly.Nyst's picture
Carly Nyst
Privacy International
Carlos's picture
Carlos Obando
boh's picture
Byoungil Oh
Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
dokello's picture
Dorothy Okello
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
portellado's picture
Pablo Ortellado
GPOPAI (Research Group on Public...
aospina's picture
Angelica Valeria Ospina
Centre for Development Informatics,...
jpalfrey's picture
John Palfrey
Harvard Law School
catherine.pappas's picture
Catherine Pappas
lpaton's picture
Liz Paton
omartinez's picture
Olga Paz Martinez
vpellizzer's picture
valentina pellizzer
oneworld – platform for south east...
ppena's picture
Patricia Peña
Red de Trabajo Mujeres en Conexión
pmiranda's picture
Patricia Peña Miranda
Derechos Digitales and Diego Portales...
dpimienta's picture
Daniel Pimienta
Networks and Development Foundation (...
lpin's picture
Lu Pin
Danwei and Media Monitor for Women...
Irenarco's picture
Javier Pinzón
alex.pirlot's picture
Alexandrine Pirlot de Corbion
Privacy International
Oliver_poole's picture
Oliver Poole
Associate Editor at the Independent on...
aprabhala's picture
Achal Prabhala
African Copyright and Access to...
kpradhan's picture
Kishor Pradhan
Development Knowledge Management and...
mireille's picture
Mireille Raad
eracholova's picture
Elina Racholova
BlueLink Information Network
hrahman's picture
Hakikur Rahman
Sustainable Development Networking...
arahman's picture
AHM Bazlur Rahman
Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and...
araihan's picture
Ananya Raihan
Development Research Network (D-Net)
mrao's picture
Madanmohan Rao
rraoof's picture
Ramy Raoof
Egyptian Blog for Human Rights
srazzaghi's picture
Shorab Razzaghi
Arseh Sevom
mrehman's picture
Marriyam Rehman
Bytes For All
arehmat's picture
Adnan Rehmat
Bytes For All
kreilly's picture
Katherine Reilly
University of Toronto
arivoir's picture
Ana Laura Rivoir
ObservaTIC (Faculty of Social Sciences...
Kayla_Robinson's picture
Kayla Robinson
erodriguez's picture
Eduardo Rodriguez
Nodo TAU
krodriguez's picture
Katitza Rodríguez
Electronic Frontier Foundation
rrogers's picture
Richard Rogers
Digital Methods Initiative
jrojas's picture
José Eduardo Rojas
Fundación Redes para el Desarrollo...
eduardosocio's picture
Jose Eduardo Rojas
Fundación REDES
lrongokea's picture
Lynnsay Rongokea
Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s...
froveri's picture
Florencia Roveri
Nodo TAU
sroy's picture
Suporna Roy
Development Research Network (D-Net)
javier's picture
Javier Ruiz
Open Rights Group
ssakir's picture
Sanzida Sakir
Bytes for All Bangladesh
ssaleem's picture
Shahida Saleem
Bytes for All
s.saleem's picture
Sana Saleem
liras's picture
Lira Samykbaeva
asanchez's picture
Adriana Sánchez
Cooperativa Sulá Batsú
jsandler's picture
Joanne Sandler
Gender at Work
msaravia's picture
Miguel Saravia
psarker's picture
Partha Sarker
Bytes for All
dsasaki's picture
David Sasaki
tschonwetter's picture
Tobias Schonwetter
African Copyright and Access to...
lschout's picture
Loe Schout
Fabrizio.Scrollini's picture
Fabrizio Scrollini
gselaimen's picture
Graciela Selaimen
Instituto Nupef
Gareth.Seneque's picture
Gareth Seneque
Geist Consulting
sshackleton's picture
Sally-Jean Shackleton
Mshanmugavelan's picture
Murali Shanmugavelan
Panos London
ssheriff's picture
Suhail Sheriff
Tanzania Internet Service Providers...
tshiino's picture
Takao Shiino
Nomura Research Institute (NRI)
mshirazie's picture
Maryam Shirazie
Third Sphere School
zshramko's picture
Zlata Shramko
Civil Initiative on Internet Policy
yahiashukkeir's picture
Yahia Shukkeir
Alarab Alayawm
Placido's picture
Placido Silva
psingh's picture
Parminder Jeet Singh
IT for Change
ssiochru's picture
Seán Ó Siochrú
Campaign for Communications Rights in...
hsivori's picture
Horacio Sívori
Latin American Center on Sexuality and...
ssiyam's picture
Sylvie Siyam
esmith's picture
Erika Smith
Association for Progressive...
martasolano's picture
Marta Solano
nsomera's picture
Nina Somera
Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA)
dsouter's picture
David Souter
ICT Development Associates ltd
rsouthwood's picture
Russell Southwood
Balancing Act
esparrow's picture
Elijah Sparrow
LEAP Encryption Access Project
ritusrivastava's picture
Ritu Srivastava
Digital Empowerment Foundation
vstaevska's picture
Vera Staevska
BlueLink Information Network
amie's picture
Amie Stepanovich
mstevenson's picture
Michael Stevenson
Digital Methods Initiative
Milos_Stojkovic's picture
Milos Stojkovic
SHARE Foundation/SHARE Defense
cstork's picture
Christoph Stork
Research ICT Africa (RIA)
csuksai's picture
Chutimas Suksai
Thai Netizen Network
sultan's picture
Frederic Sultan
arthit's picture
Arthit Suriyawongkul
Thai Netizen Network
Katarzyna's picture
Katarzyna Szymielewicz
Panoptykon Foundation
taratta's picture
Hamada Tadahisa
Japan Computer Access for Empowerment (...
Theresa_Tafida's picture
Theresa Tafida
Fatsuam Foundation
ctagny's picture
Caroline Tagny
gunes_tavmen's picture
Gunes Tavmen
atawileh's picture
Anas Tawileh
Anas Tawileh
dtodorova's picture
Doroteya Todorova
BlueLink Information Network
seti's picture
sarah tomas
jtorach's picture
Julius Torach
Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
etormassy's picture
Éva Tormássy
htraifeh's picture
Hanadi Traifeh
btsafack's picture
Balbine Tsafack
ptuano's picture
Philip Arnold Tuaño
Foundation for Media Alternatives
vvaidyanathan's picture
Vivek Vaidyanathan
IT for Change
Alfredo's picture
Alfredo Velazco
Usuarios Digitales
svila's picture
Sol Trumbo Vila
svosloo's picture
Steve Vosloo
Shuttleworth Foundation
rvroom's picture
Rosa Vroom
Blue Link
benwagner's picture
Ben Wagner
European University Institute
wwakabi's picture
Wairagala Wakabi
Collaboration on International ICT...
Anna_Walkowiak's picture
Anna Walkowiak
Panoptykon Foundation
awanjira's picture
Alice Wanjira
Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet)
eweltevrede's picture
Esther Weltevrede
Digital Methods Initiative
awolfgramm's picture
Alexis Wolfgramm
Pan Pacific and Southeast Asia Women’s...
twuthrich's picture
Therese Wüthrich
nyoka's picture
Ngoko Yoka
AZUR Développement
jillian_york's picture
Jillian York
szayed's picture
Sonya Zayed
Applied Information Management
izaynuddin's picture
Imam Zaynuddin
GIPI Uzbekistan
bzilli's picture
Bruno Zilli
Latin American Center on Sexuality and...
dzinnbauer's picture
Dieter Zinnbauer
Transparency International
mzunguze's picture
Margaret Zunguze
E-Knowledge for Women in Southern...
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