Où surveillons nous?

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J. Carlos Lara
Chile ONG Derechos Digitales
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Carla Alsina
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Joy Liddicoat
New Zealand Association for Progressive Communication (APC)
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Yeo-Kyung Chang
South Korea Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet
I love the project and I think it is a very very unique snapshot of "the internet" and "the real world" - it is a global snapshot and horizon scan... it is very valuable for me to look back on the reports from all the countries and draw comparisons... it is like the story of the internet.. different chapters, different themes, every year :)
- Mireille Raad, Lebanon - GISWatch author
The GISWatch Project provides very useful insights into today's information society through the lens of different country experiences. A reader is allowed to properly gauge the ongoing interaction between technology and human rights, and its impact on people's day-to-day lives.
- Jamael Jacob, Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines- GISWatch author