Où surveillons nous?

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María Goñi
Uruguay ObservaTIC, Universidad de la República
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Wouter Kersten
Netherlands Enviu
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Mariama Deen-Swarray
South Africa Research ICT Africa
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Murali Shanmugavelan
United Kingdom Panos London
I think that GISWatch is an unique project as regards the number of countries involved, and the variety of perspectives. But at the same time with a very precise focus, related to each issue and to the methodology proposed. The challenge is to find a story, a case widely en-richen the way in which the issues could be followed and understood.
- Maria Florencia Roveri, Nodo TAU, Argentina- GISWatch author
I think the project is really helpful. This type of initiatives contributes in the development of our countries. the articles are sources of information to our Society and to our policymakers, they can use it and obtain ideas and apply them in our countries based in our reality. Also the report give us an image of whats happening in other regions.
- Krizia Matthews, IPANDETEC Panama- GISWatch author